The reality of fitness photos

Good lighting and angles are everything when it comes to the perfect fitness photos you see on social media. This is not meant to discredit peoples hard work in the gym but to show the difference of a flexed/ good lighting photo compared to just siting normal. A recent trend has people posting side by side comparisons of both in order to show people they aren’t perfect all the time like it looks on social media.

photo retrieved from 


No theses girls aren’t over weight or unhealthy looking but they aren’t the perfect photos you see a social media everyday and thats okay. The reality is most people use tips and tricks in order to enhance photos. Photoshop and good lighting have came a long way in recent years so don’t let your eyes be tricked.


Photo retrieved from

If the walls look a little bent in peoples photos chances are its photoshopped. If they are missing an arm like in the third picture the chances are its 100% photoshopped. Well this is only if they still have the arm in real life.




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